Served with rice and beans ~ Servidos con arroz and frijoles


Papas salteadas con huevo $10.50

jalapeños y cebolla

Homemade potatoes with eggs,jalapeños and onions

Huevos rancheros  $10.50

2 Fried eggs between soft corn tortillas smothered with a choice of red or green sauce, Mexican cream, queso fresco and onions


Huevos a la Mexicana   $9.00

Scrambled eggs mixed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes

Huevos con chorizo   $10.00

Scrambled eggs mixed with Mexican chorizo


Huevos al albañil   $11.00

Chorizo queso azado y jalapeños

huevos con rajas poblanas,


Quesillo y cebolla  $11.00

Scrambled eggs mixed with roasted poblano peppers, cheese and onions


Burrito de chorizo con huevo  $11.00

Con cebolla y tomate, cilantro, frijoles, crema y queso flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, chorizo, rice, beans, tomato, onions, cilantro, cream and queso fresco




Guacamole de la casa $13.00

freshly made guacamole served in

molcajete with chips


Pico de gallo o salsa $8.00

Served in molcajete with chips


Tamales $2.00

Salsa verde con pollo, salsa roja

con puerco or rajas y queso)

Dough dish with green sauce & chicken, red sauce with pork or pepper & cheese


Tamales oaxaqueños en hoja de platano $3.50

Dough dish steamed in banana leaf


flautitas de queso o pollo  $11.00

queso fundido con rajas de chile poblano $10.00

con chorizo  $10.00

con camarón  $13.00

con pollo  $10.00

mixto $15.00


Quesadillas de camarón con pico de gallo $12.00

Nachos regulares $10.95

nachos con carne al gusto $14.00

Con queso, frijoles, queso fresco,  crema and jalapeños tortilla chips  with choice of meat. topped with refried  beans, melted cheese, Mexican  cream, queso fresco and jalapeños


Nachos rancheros con carne  molida  $13.00

frijoles, queso fresco, crema and  jalapeños, pico de gallo tortilla chips topped with ground  beef, refried beans, melted cheese,  Mexican cream, queso fresco,  pico de gallo and jalapeños


Alitas de pollo en salsa picante (6 pcs) $9.00

buffalo wings

Jalapeño poppers $9.00


Tacos de Langosta $14.00

3 small Hard Lobster tacos


Tacos de Pulpo $14.00

3 small Hard octopus tacos




Ensalada regular/house salad $6.00

Ensalada de Aguacate/avocado salad - $9.00


Ensalada de Pollo o Bistec/chicken or steak

 small $10.00 Large $14.95

Con lechuga, tomate, rabanos,  cebolla queso y crema/With lettuce,  tomato, radishes, onions,  Mexican-cream and queso fresco­–con aguacate/with avocado $2.00 extra


Ensalada de aguacate $9.00

Ensalada de Camarónes/shrimp salad

 small $11.95 Large $17.00


Ensalada de nopal $9.00


Taco salad con pollo o bistec/with chicken or steak $14.95

Con lechuga, tomate y frijoles, crema,  queso, salsa, cebolla y cilantro con guacamole/With lettuce, tomato, black beans, Mexican cream, queso fresco, red onion, cilantro, guacamole and salsa in a tortilla shell


Taco salad con camarónes/with shrimp $18.00


Taco salad de vegetales $14.95

Extra aguacate $4.00




Orden de 3 en tortillas de maiz o tortilla de harina; servidos con arroz, frijoles o ensalada/3 Corn or flour tortillas stuffed with cheese and topped with cream

Queso/cheese  $10.00

Bistec/steak   $13.00

Pollo/chicken  $13.00

Flor de Calabaza/squash blossom $16.00

Camarón/shrimp  $16.00

Huitlacoche  $16.00





Chilaquiles no meat  (verdes o rojos)  $12.00

Con carne al gusto $16.00

pollo (chicken), bistec (steak), cecina (salted beef) or carne enchilada (spicy pork)

Choice of meat with tortilla chips cooked with choice of red or green sauce and topped with Mexican cream, cheese and onions

Add two eggs $3.00






Avocado, onions, papalo, chipotle, beans and mayonnaise.Carne al gusto/choice of meat: tinga, chorizo, carne enchilada,carnitas, cecina, milanesa de pollo o de res




Tortas $10.00

Mexican Sandwiches

Opción de carne con lechuga, tomate, aguacate, cebolla, frijoles,cheese, mayonesa/Choice of meat with lettuce, tomato, avocado, onions, beans and mayonnaise

Carne al gusto/Choice of meat: tinga, chorizo, carne enchilada,carnitas, cecina, milanesa de pollo o de Res








Sopes caseros $3.00

Con carne al gusto/choice of meat  $4.00

Tinga, chorizo, carne enchilada, carnitas o cecina con frijoles, crema, queso , cebolla y cilantro/Homemade tortilla, topped with beans, onion, cilantro, cream and cheese



No meat $7.00

Con frijoles, lechuga, tomate, queso y crema/Oversized homemade tortilla with beans, lettuce, tomato, cream and queso fresco

con carne al gusto(choice of meat) $9.00

Tinga, chorizo, carne enchilada,

carnitas o cecina,

Camarón/shrimp $15.00




Bistec con tocino, pimiento, cebolla queso, servido con arroz, frijoles y  tortillas/Sliced steak, sautéed with bacon, peppers, onions and melted cheese, served with rice, beans and corn tortillas




Chicharron  $4.00

Homemade tortilla, topped with pork sking, lettuce,cream and cheese






Regular Tacos (Soft) con carne al gusto $4.00

Con cebolla y cilantro/Choice of meat with onions and cilantro.

CON TODO: lechuga yt tomate, queso y crema/With everything: lettuce, tomato, cream and fresh cheese

Carne al gusto/Choice of meat:


chorizo/Mexican sausage

carnitas carne enchilada/spicy pork

tinga/spicy chicken



Tacos de Pastor, lengua, barbacoa,

cabeza y suadero $4.50




Aguacate $1.00

Queso $.75


*** solo de una carne/One kind of meat only—no mixed meats***


Tacos pescado (3)    $16.00

Three tacos with file of sole, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo, avocado and lettuce.


Tacos Camarones (3)    $16.00

Served with rice and beans.


Tacos Arabes lomo de cerdo

 (orden de 3) $13.00

Order of 3 pork loin tacos



Con carne al gusto/choice of meat  $4.00

pollo o carne molida  con hongos, Lechuga, tomate, queso y crema

Lettuce, tomatoes cheese & sour cream

Chicken with mushroom

or ground beef






CHALUPAS  (3) $13.00

opción de carne/choice of meat (3)

Lechuga, crema y queso

Lettuce, sour cream & cheese

Chalupas con salsa al gusto verde or roja/Three fried tortillas topped with red or green sauce




Flautas (Taquitos Dorados) (3)$13.00

Opción de pollo, bistec o queso servidos con arroz y frijoles/three rolled hard corn tortillas with choice of chicken, steak or cheese; topped with Mexican cream, lettuce, tomato and cheese served with rice and beans

*** solo de una carne/One kind of meat only—no mixed meats***



Fried Roll Chimichangas

Rice, bean, tomato, cilantro, queso mozzarella y crema

 Pollo/chicken $13.00

Bistec/steak $13.00

Camarón/shrimp $16.00





No meat  $3.00

with Choice of Meat  $4.00

Con frijoles, lechuga, tomate, queso y crema w beans, lettuce, tomato, cream and fresh cheese con carne al gusto: chipotle chicken/tinga, chorizo,spicy pork/carne enchilada, carnitas o  beef/cecina

 *** solo de una carne/One kind of meat only—no mixed meats***





Servidos con arroz, frijoles y tortillas de harina. Salteadas con cebolla, pimiento y tomate, served with rice, beans and soft flour tortillas.Sautéed with onions, peppers and tomatoes, served on sizzing platter

Bistec/steak  $16.00

Pollo/chicken   $16.00

Camarón/shrimp   $19.00

Fajita Vegetariana $14.00

Squash, broccoli, mushroom, onions, tomatoes and peppers.


Fajita Mixta/combination shrimp, chicken and steak  $22.00


Fajita de Mariscos/seafood fajita $23.00





Servidos con Arroz y Frijoles/Served with Rice and Beans

Enchiladas de Mole Poblano $17.00

Pollo,bistec, o queso (Chicken, steak or cheese) Three soft tortillas rolled with shredded chicken & mole sauce topped with sour cream, lettuce, fresh cheese & red onions

Pollo, Bistec o Queso/chicken, steak or cheese


enchiladas verdes o rojas

pollo, bistec o queso/chicken, steak or cheese  $15.00

Three soft corn tortillas rolled with choice of stuffing in red guajillo sauce or green sauce topped with mex cream lettuce, queso fresco, red onions.


Enchiladas Suizas

Pollo, Bistec o Queso/chicken, steak

 or cheese $16.00

Con Camarónes/With Shrimp  $19.00

Three soft corn tortillas rolled with a choice of stuffing in creamy chile poblano sauce, topped with melted cheese and red onions. Servidas con arroz y frijoles/Served with Rice and Beans



Enchiladas estrella de Camarón $19.00

Pimiento verde, rojo, cebolla, todo picado, epazote, vino, en salsa verdesweet green and red peppers, onions, epazote, wine in a spicy green sauce







Mole Poblano    $18.00

Chicken in a traditional pueblan chocolate-mole sauce


Platillo Estrellita   $21.00

Carne enchilada, cecina y chorizo azados con cebolla, jalapeños y queso fresco, grilled spicy pork, salted steak, mexican chorizo, grilled onions,  jalapeños and queso fresco


Chiles Rellenos $19.00

Roasted pueblan peppers stuffed with fresh cheese in a tomato sauce


Platillo Special    $21.00

Bistec y camarónes salteados con cebolla,  tomate y pimientosliced steak and jumbo shrimp sautéed with onions tomatoes and peppers


Bistec Estrellita $28.00

Bistec con hueso azado con nopales, cebollines y jalapeñosgrilled shell steak with cactus pads, bulb onions and jalapeños


Pechuga de Pollo con Huitlacoche    $21.00

y quesillo en salsa de chile poblanochicken breast with string cheese and corn mushroom in a creamy poblano chile sauce


Bistec Churrasco $28.00

Adobado asado con nopal y pico de gallo, grilled marinated skirt steak served with cactus pad and pico de gallo


T-Bone Bistec Asado con Nopal, Chorizo en Salsa Verde $28.00

Grilled t-bone steak, served with cactus, mexican sausage in a green sauce carne arrachera/grilled


CARNE ARRACAHERA Con platano frito y queso $28.00

skirt steak/served with platains and cheese


Molcajete Mar and Tierra $32.00

Skirt steak, shrimp, chicken breast, mexican sausage, bulb onions, cactus, grilled cheese and avocado served in a molcajete


Bistec y Camarónes con Champiñones   $22.00

y cebolla con rajas poblanas con crema/steak and shrimp with mushroom, onions, poblano peppers strips in a cream sauce


Chuletas de Ternera Price market

Azadas con jalapeños, cebollines

Grilled cheese

Grilled veal chops with jalapeños bulb onions and cactus pads


Costillas de Borrego  Price Market

Azadas con nopales, cebollines y jalapeños/

Grilled baby lamp chops, served with cactuspads bulb onions


Bistec Ranchero  $19

 sope regular, cebollines, jalapenos & nopal

Sope regular, onions, japanelos


Pechuga de Pollo y Camarónes con Champiñones, y Cebolla en Salsa

Chipotle con Crema   $21.00

Chicken breast and shrimp, with mushroom, onions in a cream chipotle sauce







Servidos con frijoles negros, arroz y tortillas ~ Served with black beans, Mexican rice and corn tortillas

Bistec a la Mexicana/Steak sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes $16.00


Bistec a la Tampiqueña $18.00

Steak sautéed with onions and peppers served with one cheese enchiladabistec o pechuga de pollo


BISTEC O PECHUGA DE POLLO en salsa Verde con Nopales $17.00

Steak or chicken breast  in a spicy green sauce with cactus slices


Bistec Azteca $17.00

Steak sautéed with onions, peppers, tomatoes and cactus slicesin a tomato base sauce


Bistec a la Plancha o Encebollado/Steak sautéed with onions $14.95


Carne Enchilada o Cecina Azada   $18.00

con Nopales, Jalapeños y Cebollines

Grilled salted steak or spicy pork with grilled cactus pads, jalapeños and onions


Chuletas Fritas o Encebollados/ Fried pork chops or sautéed with onions $16.95


Chuletas a la Mexicana $17.95

Pork chops sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes


Chuletas Aztecas $17.95

Pork chops sautéed with onions peppers tomatoes and cactus slices  in a tomato base sauce

Pechuga a la Plancha o Encebollado  $14.95

Grilled chicken breast or sautéed with onions


Pechuga de Pollo a la Mexicana  $16.95

Chicken breast sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes


Milanesa de Pollo/Fried breaded chicken cutlet $14.00

Milanesa de Res/Fried breaded steak $16.00




Sopa de res verde/

spicy beef vegetables soup  $13.95

sopa de pollo/chicken soup $10.00

chilate de pollo/spicy chicken soup $10.00

pancita menudo/beef tripe soup $13.95

sopa de tortilla/corn and chicken  tortilla soup $10.00

pozole/traditional Mexican hominy pork soup $16.00

consome de chivo/goat soup $13.00

caldo camarón/spicy shrimp soup  $15.00

sopa de mariscos/spicy seafood soup   $20.00




Tortilla de harina relleno de arroz, firjoles, tomate, cilantro, cebolla, cubierto con queso y crema/flour tortilla stuffed with rice and beans, onions, tomato, cilantro, topped with cream and fresh cheese


Burrito Vegetariano/vegetarian  $11.00


Burrito Con Carne al Gusto  $12.00

Burrito with a choice of meat: chipotle chicken/tinga, chorizo, spicy pork/carne enchilada, carnitas o  beef/cecina


EXTRAS  $2.00

Al pastor/spicy pork with  pineapple • barbacoa de chivo/goat meat suadero/rosset • lengua/beef tongue • cabeza/head meat • egg/huevo


burrito con camarónes/with shrimp  $16.00


Burrito bowl $12.00

Pollo o bistec con arroz blanco, pico de gallo, lechuga, frijol,  cream y queso

Chicken or beef, whte rice, pico de gallo, lettuce, sour cream & chese




Burrito de Pollo Dinner $16.00

Pimiento verde, rojo, champiñones, tomate, queso, crema y mole/chicken dinner burrito, sautéed green and red peppers, topped with cream, monterrey jack cheese in a mole sauce served with rice and beans


Burrito Champiñones Dinner  $15.00

Cebolla, epazote, champiñones, quesillo y salsa suiza, mushroom dinner burrito, sautéed with onions, epazote, string cheese in a cream poblano sauceserved with rice and beans


Burrito de Camarón Dinner  $18.00

Calabazita, jalapeños, epazote, tomatillo, cebolla y salsa roja/Shrimp dinner burrito, sautéed zucchini, jalapeños, epazote, tomatillo, topeed with cream, monterrey jack cheese in a red sauce. Served with rice and beans




Coctel de Camarón  $17

Coctel de pulpo  $17.00

Cecviche de camaron $18

Pico de gallo, aguacate jugo de naranja y jugo de naranja y aceite de olivo

Pico de gallo, avocado, orange juice & lime, olive oil served chips chips




Servidos con Arroz y Frijoles/Served with Rice and Beans


Camarónes Empanizados/ $16.00

breaded fried jumbo shrimps


Camarónes a la Mexicana   $18.00

Jumbo shrimp sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes


Camarónes a la diabla $18.00

jumbo shrimp in spicy deviled sauce


Camarónes al mojo de ajo  $18.00

jumbo shrimp in a garlic sauce


Camarónes cancun $20.00

Salteados con ajo, cebolla, tomate, crema, vino blanco y aguacate/sautéed with white wine, garlic, onions and tomatoes in a cream sauce with avocado


Mojarra frita/fried porgy   $20.00


Mojarra a la diabla/porgy in spicy deviled sauce $22.00


mojarra al mojo de ajo/Porgy in a garlic sauce  $22.00


Filete de pescado empanizado/ $17.00

Fried filet of fish served with salad and rice


Filete de salmon en salsa de chipotle  (market price)

Filet of salmon in a spicy chipotle con c rema sauce


Mariscada a la diabla  $23.00


tacos de pescado (3) $16.00


tacos de camaron (3) $16.00








Arroz y Frijoles/Rice and Beans $6.00

Arroz/Rice $4.00

Frijoles Negros/Black Beans   $4.00

Nopales Azados/Grilled Cactus Pads $6.00

Cebollines Azados/Grilled Bulb Onions $6.00

Chiles Toreados/Grilled Jalapeños  $4.00

Aguacate/Avocado $5.00

Queso Fresco   $4.50

Tortillas   $2.00

Papas Fritas/French Fries  $3.50

Crema/Mexican Cream  $1.00

Platanos Fritos/Fried Sweet Plantains  $4.50

Tostones  $4.50




Cafe de Olla/Mexican coffee $3.00

Te/Lipton tea $2.00

Te de Hierbas/Herbal tea $2.00

Chocolate/Hot Chocolate $3.50

 Arroz con leche/ Hot rice pudding  $3.00

Champurrado  $3.00


Shakes $5.00

batidas/Fruit Shakes

Fresa, Strawberries, Mamey, Papaya, Platano, Banana or Mango



Jarritos/Mexican sodas $3.00

Pepsi or Coke/Bottles $3,00

Soda de Lata/Can of soda $2.00

Snapple $3.00

Agua de Botella/Bottle of water  $3.00


Flavored Water $3.50

Horchata/Rice with cinnamon and almonds





Zanahoria Natural/Fresh Carrot $6.00

Naranja Natural/Fresh Orange   $6.00

Jugo Mixto/Mixed juices  $7.00


menu para niños/Kids Menu

Hamburge deluxe $12.00

Hamburguesa con Papas Fritas  $9.00

Cheese Burger w French Fries

Dedos de Pollo (4PZS) con Papas Fritas/Chicken Finger (4PCS) with French Fries $9.00

Alitas de Pollo (5 Pzs) con Papas Fritas/Chicken Wings (5PCS) with French Fries $8.00


Hot Dogs with  French Fries $4.50




Tres leches $6.00

Cocholate mouse $6.00

Flan Napolitano $6.00

Flan de coco $6.00


































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